Curacao Day Trip


Duration: 1 day


Rate will vary depending on the airline tickets to Curacao


One Day in Curacao!

Discover one day in Curacao, or 2 days and 1 night! Your choice.

If you are spending your holidays on Bonaire, this is the best opportunity for you to visit our sister island  and discover Curacao’s history, nature and culture in one day!

Curaçao was discovered in 1499 by Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojeda, a lieutenant of Christopher Columbus. The Spanish christened the island “Isla de los Gigantes” (Island of Giants) in reference to the massive physiques of its original inhabitants, the Arawak Indians – but there are several theories about the origin of its actual name, the most likely being the Portuguese words for cured (curação) or heart (coração).

From Bonaire you will be picked up at your accommodation and taken to Flamingo Airport. You will fly early in the morning to spend a whole one day in Curacao. Once you get there, you will be picked up at Hato Airport and go on tour through Curacao visiting  the main spots of interest like Punda, Landhuis Chobolo & Spaanse water (Spanish Water).

You’ll make a stop at Cabana Beachclub for lunch,a trendy restaurant located on one of the beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and swaying palm trees of Curacao, where you will have ‘The Curaçao Beach Experience’. You will be pampered with their homemade culinary delights, fine wines, cold drinks and of course a stunning view of the azure Caribbean Sea.

After enjoying this day you’ll be taken back to the airport to fly back to Bonaire, or ask us, we can sure arrange a night stay at one of Curacao’s hotels for you to enjoy the island’s night life!

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Flights Bonaire-Curacao-Bonaire Pick up and Return to Hato Airport. Island Tour. Lunch at Cabana

Other Options

The option to spend one night in Curacao is available.

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