Lac Cai Flamingo Salt Tour


Duration: 4hours

Departure: Daily at 09:00am or other times on request


Lac Cai Flamingo Salt Tour

The mangrove forest of Lac Bay, is one of the best preserved mangrove forests in the entire Caribbean and is home to a rich variety of wetland birds. See Bonaire’s wildlife grazing along the way while iguanas and lizards wait for their turn. On this tour around the south of Bonaire we will stop at watering holes to spot the famous Bonaire Great Caribbean Flamingos & herons leisurely wadding through the mangroves just a short distance from you!

Once you arrive to Lac Cai, you’ll discover one of Bonaire’s rare sandy beaches, and one of the most picturesque fisherman’s huts. On the Lac Cai Flamingo Salt tour, you will see Piles of empty conch shells and driftwood lay along the coastline waiting for the perfect snapshot. Enjoy a refreshing dip into some of the world’s best protected waters and above all….relax!

Travel back through the Bonaire’s National Park to your next stop, Sorobon, to catch a glimpse of windsurfers pirouetting through the air like ballerinas. This is Bonaire’s most popular beach hang-out and you will no doubt want to return on another day, and who knows? Maybe try to windsurf yourself!.

From here, this Tour around Bonaire continues along the Southern coastline past the salt lake, nest of the Protected Flamingo Sanctuary and from which Bonaire has produced its salt since the 19th century. Learn how salt water was and  is processed into salt crystals.

See & touch history at the Slave Huts (ca. 1850) that served as shelters for the slaves working the saltpans. On the drive back to Kralendijk, Capital of Bonaire, enjoy a breathtaking view where the vibrant colors of the Caribbean Sea are set against pink saltpans, snow-white salt mounds and brilliant blue skies.

The Bonaire Lac Cai Flamingo Salt Tour is sure to steal your heart forever!

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Ice cold water & a Beach Stop.

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