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Bonaire-Concierge-ServiceCommitted to the statement that we want to satisfy, or even exceed your expectations by fulfilling any need you may have.

With our FREE Concierge Services, you can experience everything that Bonaire has to offer at no additional cost to you.

Whether you need a reservation in your favorite restaurant, or a massage, a mani/pedi, a sunset sail, or just information…Contact us!

We are conveniently located at the Sand Dollar Mini Mall, drop by anytime during business hours or send us an E-mail before you arrive on Bonaire.

ALL our clients are VIP!

We understand that some people want to have a private car and driver waiting for them at the airport. You want to check into a villa, rather than a hotel, and maybe even have your own private pool and chef! Why not? It’s your vacation, you earned it, now spend it on YOU!

If privacy and luxury is what you seek, we have beautiful choices for you. Share your Caribbean dream vacation with us and we will do our utmost to satisfy your every whim…within heavenly reason!

Traveling with a group and need private airport transfers & tours? You just found them! We specialize in transporting dive groups and handling those big heavy dive bags! We also specialize in group activities and dinners, our latest addition…Food Truck  beach parties! Food Trucks have been part of Bonairean culture for many years, locally known as ‘Truki Pan’ (bread truck). Originally serving hot & cold sandwiches, Bonairean Food Trucks have branched out to BBQ, Mexican food, Sushi and 5 course culinary gastronomy!

We can organize a whole day of group activities culminating in an unforgettable culinary Food Truck experience on the beach! How cool is that?

Ask us, we will make all your reservations for you & for FREE!

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Welcome to Bonaire Tours and Vacations

Unhurried, Unspoiled, Unforgettable

Imagine an unhurried place with unspoiled sites and unforgettable people & charm. This is Bonaire and this little paradise awaits every visitor with endless possibilities of land & sea activities.

Feel, smell & taste the kaleidoscope of cultures that has shaped Bonaire’s history for hundreds of years. Listen to the sweet sounds of Papiamento, the local language and enjoy local stobas (stews) while sipping a cold drink. Stare at the starry filled nights while the warm ocean breeze comforts your skin. Let us show you the magic of Bonaire.

We are all your vacation needs…