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The Bonairian

A 4 star mini-resort, where unique experiences await you. A hidden gem in the Caribbean THE BONAIRIAN HIGHLIGHTS The Hotel The Bonairian offers an incomparable setting for a perfect Caribbean vacation. A 4-star mini resort located on a private stretch of beach at the South of Bonaire. It offers an outdoor infinity pool

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Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire

Casual atmosphere, personable staff, spacious accommodations and a dive operation that has something for every diver BUDDY DIVE RESORT BONAIRE HIGHLIGHTS Dive Operations At Buddy Dive everything is set for visitors seeking to dive in Bonaire Their custom dive boats invite you to explore the beautiful marine life during a guided dive or

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Wanapa Lodge Bonaire

An oasis of quietud for guests visiting Bonaire for its nature and seeking to take a break from hectic life back home WANAPA BONAIRE HIGHLIGHTS Hiking & Watersports The surrounding area of Wanapa Lodge Bonaire is ideal for hiking and watersports, including kite surfing, kayaking and diving. It is perfectly set at the

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Sorobon Beach Resort Bonaire

Nested by Lac Bay Bonaire, this is one of the top windsurfing spots in the world, as well as a great wellness destination. SOROBON BONAIRE HIGHLIGHTS Family friendly & Windsurf The unique natural development of Sorobon beach area has created the most perfect windsurfing environment for any experience level. Extremely shallow crystal clear

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Beaches Apartments in Bonaire

Located at the coastal road to the South of Bonaire, is within 1 minute walking distance of Bachelor’s Beach & Donkey Beach. BEACHES BONAIRE HIGHLIGHTS Pool Area Beaches Bonaire has a lovely pool & healthy magna pool, in which magnesium is used instead of chlorine. Soft, clean and healthy swimming water with natural

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Bonaire Salt flats

The south of the island is host to the famous Bonaire salt flats. An area where Cargill has been operating since 1997 producing some of the purest salts in the world Using the salt, the sea and winds of Bonaire, the salt accumulated in the impressive mounds of crystals is produced. The Salt pyramids of Bonaire can be seen when

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