Bonaire Mangrove Clear Bottom Kayak

Bonaire Mangrove Clear Bottom Kayak is a whole new way to understand mangroves, how necessary they are and to learn about their essential functions in an ecosystem like the one on our island.

This activity starts at Lac Caai Bonaire one of the Ramsar sites of Bonaire and one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Visitors can only enter the mangroves in the company of an experienced nature guide so this is your chance to visit a unique protected area like this.

Your stable, glass bottom sit-on-top kayak is equipped with a comfortable backrest seat, a waterproof bag for your personal belongings and, of course, paddles.

Off you go, into the calm waters.

The clear bottom kayak provides an ideal mode of transport in this beautiful and tranquil environment, while manouvering with ease through the mangrove shallows and tunnels.

Gliding through 4 different species of mangrove trees in crystal-clear waters, paddling past bird habitats and fish spawning areas, you’ll learn of the relationship between the plants and the animals.

Our snorkel stop will make you change your concept of mangrove, as you will see clear waters and a great variety of marine life considered by many a must-do while visiting Bonaire!

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