Bonaire Semi Private Dive

Bonaire Semi Private Dive Take a Semi Private Dive in Bonaire and witness the reasons why our little Caribbean island is known as the Diver's Paradise. During this 2 tank boat dive you are the protagonist as it is a semi private activity with a maximum of 6 participants. All

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Reef Renewal Dive

Reef Renewal Dive in Bonaire The Reef Renewal Dive in Bonaire brings you the perfect opportunity to give something back to the ocean. Dive for a worthy cause! Join the mission of Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire to protect and restore coral reefs in Bonaire's Marine Park and demonstrate there is still

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Coral Spawning on Bonaire

Coral Spawning Bonaire If you have planned your trip to Bonaire, during the months of August, September or October, you will be lucky to be on Divers' Paradise during the months of Coral Spawning. Each year, and usually coinciding with the full moons of the above mentioned months, coral spawning, or the cultivation of the

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Imagine an unhurried place with unspoiled sites and unforgettable people & charm. This is Bonaire and this little paradise awaits every visitor with endless possibilities of land & sea activities.

Feel, smell & taste the kaleidoscope of cultures that has shaped Bonaire’s history for hundreds of years. Listen to the sweet sounds of Papiamento, the local language and enjoy local stobas (stews) while sipping a cold drink. Stare at the starry filled nights while the warm ocean breeze comforts your skin. Let us show you the magic of Bonaire.

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