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Bonaire Semi Private Dive

Bonaire Semi Private Dive Take a Semi Private Dive in Bonaire and witness the reasons why our little Caribbean island is known as the Diver's Paradise. During this 2 tank boat dive you are the protagonist as it is a semi private activity with a maximum of 6 participants. All

Bonaire Semi Private Dive2020-11-12T08:20:10-04:00

Bonaire Downtown Walking Tour

Bonaire Downtown Walking Tour The Downtown Bonaire walking tour is the best way to discover our island at your own pace.  When you’re on foot, our “Dushi” (nice) city of Kralendijk can’t slide past you faster than you can absorb it. Walking Downtown Bonaire with a certified guide will give

Bonaire Downtown Walking Tour2020-11-07T08:23:08-04:00

Sailing Charter in Bonaire

Sailing Charter in Bonaire Charter a sail boat in Bonaire! It is a tour that will give you a feeling of having your own sailboat without the worries! You will have a 45.2ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey only for you, and you friends, family or partner. If you choose a private

Sailing Charter in Bonaire2020-11-07T08:05:23-04:00

Blokart Bonaire

Blokart Bonaire Blokart Bonaire is a great activity, very easy to learn and a must-do experience while you are in our island. The wild, windy east coast of Bonaire is the perfect setting for this type of activity, where sun shines most of the days and the wind, as little

Blokart Bonaire2020-11-07T07:21:06-04:00

Catamaran Sailing in Bonaire

Catamaran Sailing in Bonaire The Catamaran Sailing in Bonaire is one of the most comfortable ways to sail in Bonaire's Marine Park. Sail along the coast of Bonaire and take a guided snorkel session to discover the diverse underwater life of the famous coral reefs of Bonaire.. Choose the modality

Catamaran Sailing in Bonaire2020-11-07T06:37:35-04:00

Coastal Snorkel Cruise in Bonaire

Coastal Snorkel Cruise in Bonaire The Coastal Snorkel Cruise in Bonaire is a perfect water activity for all ages. In this excursion we will show you the beautiful coastline of Bonaire from the water, while you are relaxed on the cruise we will be giving all the information regarding the beautiful houses

Coastal Snorkel Cruise in Bonaire2020-11-07T05:59:02-04:00

Bonaire Dinner at Sea

Bonaire Dinner at Sea & Sail Bonaire Dinner at Sea and Sail is a great opportunity to see the blue waters around Bonaire on a sail boat, and snorkel at the world famous National Marine Park. And the perfect combination for a sail on the waters of Bonaire is a gourmet

Bonaire Dinner at Sea2020-11-07T05:29:58-04:00

Bonaire Mangrove Clear Bottom Kayak

Bonaire Mangrove Clear Bottom Kayak Bonaire Mangrove Clear Bottom Kayak is a whole new way to understand mangroves, how necessary they are and to learn about their essential functions in an ecosystem like the one on our island. This activity starts at Lac Caai Bonaire one of the Ramsar sites of

Bonaire Mangrove Clear Bottom Kayak2020-11-06T13:36:20-04:00

Day at Washington Slagbaai National Marine Park

Day at Washington Slagbaai Marine Park Enjoy a beautiful day Sailing to Washington Slagbaai National Park. Your perfect day at the National Marine Park will start by having a very nice breakfast on board, while take a relaxed sail along the coast of Bonaire. When we arrive at the Slagbaai beach,

Day at Washington Slagbaai National Marine Park2020-11-06T15:05:50-04:00

Klein Bonaire Water Taxi

Klein Bonaire Water Taxi Klein Bonaire is administered as part of the Bonaire National Marine Park. The water taxi leaves you at No Name Beach, one of the most wild and natural beaches you've ever seen. The white sand and clear blue waters are perfect to capture Robinson Crusoe worthy

Klein Bonaire Water Taxi2020-11-05T13:15:17-04:00

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