Coral Spawning Bonaire

If you have planned your trip to Bonaire, during the months of August, September or October, you will be lucky to be on Divers’ Paradise during the months of Coral Spawning.

Each year, and usually coinciding with the full moons of the above mentioned months, coral spawning, or the cultivation of the corals, is something unique and a “must-see” for every diver visiting Bonaire.

The event takes place when several coral species and other organismes release secretions into the water column at the same time, this spectacular phenomenon is usually compared to an upside down snow-storm..

A few hours after sunset, corals expel millions of eggs and sperm bundles that float to the surface, where they break apart and where fertilization occurs. These fertilized eggs develop into larvae that depending on the species will return to the reef in 1-3 weeks to settle and grow into the next generation of corals.

Image by & video by Pieter Smit, Coral spawning Bonaire 2013