Discover Bonaire & Beach Escape

Enjoy this leisurely tour of Bonaire Highlights by visiting the north and south of the island, and then make it unique with a stay at Ocean Oasis Beach Club.
Down south, view the salt pans, the slave huts and learn about Bonaire’s history and culture and discover the North of the island with its rustic coastline, 1000 Steps, Rincon and Goto Lake, a natural salt-water lake and one of the most beautiful places to spot flamingos.
At the end of the island tour you will be dropped off at Ocean Oasis Bonaire Beach Club. Swim or snorkel in the world famous Bonaire National Marine Park and let the beach boys/girls pamper you while you relax on your beach chair and take in all the beauty this amazing stop has to offer.
Before you know it 2 hours as passed and your vehicle will be waiting to bring you back to your place of stay.
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