When going around Bonaire, on the way to Rincon or Washington Slagbaai National Park you can pass by Dos Pos.

It is located in the north of Bonaire, east of Gotomeer, and it is characterized by numerous small hills, sheltered valleys, and includes a small freshwater pond.

Dos Pos has been designated by the Birdlife International as an Important Bird Area for Bonaire.

This place is an especially important breeding and roosting site for the Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot which is classified as vulnerable,  the small pond also supports some waterbirds, including the Caribbean Coot.

You will see how the scenary changes dramatically from the south of the island, Dos Pos Bonaire is filled with tall trees, vegetation, birds and lots of shade!

In this area you can also find the organization Echo Bonaire which aims to conserving the endangered Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot of Bonaire through conservation management, local community engagement and research.

You can visit Echo’s conservation centre to learn about the charismatic Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot and Echo’s conservation efforts to protect them through a unique experience as you walk around Bonaire’s dry forest and discover the island’s topside every Wednesday afternoon at 5.00 p.m

Photo Credits: Check-In Bonaire