When a little rain falls in Bonaire, some areas in the north of the island turn yellow as the kibrahacha tree illuminates the scenery.

Kibrahacha Bonaire

The bloom of this beautiful delicate flower, lasts only 3 days so you need to hurry after the rain to go and see it, otherwise you will find a yellow coloured carpet around the tree, and flowers caught by the cacti.

The promise of having yellow spots after rain is not exact, as this curious tree requires long periods of drought to blossom, this means maybe a tree doesn’t show us its flowers every year.

When they have no flowers on, the trees might look just as if they were not alive anymore, but these little drops of water make them come back to life astonishingly.

The Kibrahacha tree is found in the ABC islands, Aruba Curaçao and Bonaire, an its flower is actually the national flower of Curacao.

If you see it while in Bonaire, enjoy its view & feel very fortunate, it passes in a breathe.

Credit images: Aruba flora & fauna | Stinapa Bonaire | wodpresskid66