Klein Bonaire Water Taxi

Klein Bonaire is administered as part of the Bonaire National Marine Park.

The water taxi leaves you at No Name Beach, one of the most wild and natural beaches you’ve ever seen.

The white sand and clear blue waters are perfect to capture Robinson Crusoe worthy moments.

You probably never imagined that the sea can take so many shades of blue.

Klein Bonaire is ideal to relax and snorkel.

Particularly, the reef on the western side of No Name Beach in Klein Bonaire, is known to be the best snorkel area of the island of Bonaire.

Since it is more isolated, the water here is even clearer than on Bonaire’s coast, and has excellent visibility, you might even spot a turtle while snorkeling!

To get to Klein Bonaire by Water Taxi takes just about 25 minutes of pure relax and feeling the Caribbean breeze while sailing.

The Water Taxi to Klein goes every day at 10:30 (10:30am) | 12:30 (12:30pm) | 13:30 (1:30pm) | 14:30 (2:30pm)

and comes back daily to Bonaire at 12.45 (12:45pm) | 14.45 (2:45pm) | 16.45 (4:45pm)

Make sure not to miss the last one!! ;)

Also have in mind that in Klein Bonaire there are no infrastructures, none aside of a couple of shade structures, so make sure you bring some water and food with you as well as a good sun protection.

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