Pink Beach Bonaire

Bonaire has around 22 beaches, some are covered with fine white sand, and others instead are covered with corals or hard rock which makes it difficult to enter the water, but it’s also the promise of lush marine life.

Pink Beach, well known among local people, and mentioned by many, is one of the most typically Caribbean beaches of Bonaire, with its fine pink sand, full of palm trees and the sound of the sea with its different shades of blue accompanying your hours of relax.

In the late 90’s, after a severe storm, Pink Beach lost a good part of its sand, although it still retains a narrow pink band, a colour obtained by the millions of broken shells of the bright pink sea creatures.

Pink Beach Bonaire is an excellent option for those who practice scuba and those seeking for a great snorkel spot.

Once you enter the water, better with water-shoes, you will find innumerable corals inhabited by hundreds of varieties of fish, porcupine fish, spotted scorpion fish, tilefish, and many yellow goatfish and even if you’re lucky, you could get to see some sea turtle while snorkelling!

When you go to a beach of Bonaire, remember that we are the first blue destination in the world, so please help us take care of our environment, you can take trash with you and use sustainable and eco-friendly sun cream and leave the sea shells in place as they serve as home for hermit crabs.

Bonaire Pink Beach

All the actions you take will help our beaches to be enjoyed by all the generations to come.