Ramsar Sites of Bonaire

Bonaire is known for its care for nature, so it is no wonder that the 5 Dutch Caribbean sites on the Ramsar List are in Bonaire!

Ramsar Sites are places in the world that contain wetlands that are of international importance and have been cataloged by the Ramsar Convention, as they are rare, representative or unique types of wetland that also play an important role in the conservation of biological diversity.

The Convention on Wetlands, called the Ramsar Convention, is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.

If you are on Bonaire take the time to visit these locations, they won’t leave you indifferent!

1. Flamingo Sanctuary in Pekelmeer is one of the places listed, because is one of the most important places of the south of the Caribbean for the flamingo population, that serves as nesting grounds for this specie.

flamingo nesting area

2. Klein Bonaire, who has not heard of our island in the purest Robinson Crusoe style?

Surrounded by a coral reef, it offers one of the best breeding grounds for flamingos and sea turtle places.


3. Gotomeer, if you take an island tour with us, we will tell you all about this impressive lake of brackish water where hundreds of flamingos come to feed, as it is full of brine fly and larvae.

Gotomeer bonaire


4.- When you visit Washington Park, be sure to make a stop at Slagbaai Lagoon, another place where it is very common to find breeding flamingos and where you will also see pelicans and herons, as well as all kinds of lizards and iguanas ;)

boka slagbaai bonaire

5. Lac Caai, one of the most fabulous places of this island of incomparable nature, where the green turtles find an ideal place to feed, as well as being the nest of fish that inhabit our waters thanks to the native mangrove place.


Bonaire Mangroves, Flamingos & Sand

Also while you are on Bonaire, you can get in touch with one of the many organisations that work on our island in pursuit of the conservation of our waters, such as:

Stinapa: the entity that emerged in 1962 and that until today is in charge of protecting the two national parks of Bonaire, the National Marine Park and the Washington Slagbaai National Park

Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire: If you are a diver and want to have the opportunity to return to the sea so much splendor, participate in one of the dives to restore the corals of our island. Since 2012 in Bonaire is carrying out this project that today can be seen along the waters in front of the hotels Buddy Dive and Harbour Village

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire : Since 1991, this organisation has been in charge of monitoring and protecting the 6 threatened species of sea turtles that inhabit our waters, ensuring the continuity of this species and informing the population to improve the protection of biodiversity.