Seru Largo

Seru Largo is one of the highest hills in Bonaire, it means “large hill”.

The impressive cross at the top of the hill was built between 1999 and 2000 by the members of the Catholic Church with funds given by the inhabitants of Bonaire. The words written in Papiamentu  “Christu Ayera, Awe, Semper” are a symbol of the catholicism on the island and mean “Christ yesterday, today always”.

From this point you will have an impressive view of the island of Bonaire, on the west side you will find Kralendijk, our capital and Klein Bonaire at the south part of the island the famous salt piles and on the east side you will find a lighthouse.

On the way to Seru Largo, coming from Rincon, you will pass by a softball field, this is the place where the first airplane landed in Bonaire back in 1936, and here was of course the first KLM office of Bonaire. ;)

It is a great place and a must to visit in Bonaire, and the road that takes you there is also a fantastic way to discover some of the plants and trees of the island.

For example you can find the magnificent century plants that look a lot like giant aloe plants, which develop a stalk in the middle that produces beautiful yellow flowers, the Calabas tree that produces strange fruits hanging from them which were used to make maracas, or the Red Bark Trees called the Tourist trees because the are red and peel! ;)

This could be the perfect place to visit after a day in Rincon or Washigton Slagbaai National Park