Take a tour using your

rental car with a

certified guide

Discover unique stories and details about Bonaire at your own path with a certified guide

Are you visiting Bonaire and planning to rent a car?

We are happy to set you up with a Private Guide who can visit off-the-beaten-track spots with you. Our certified guides love to share unique stories and details about any places you would like to visit.

Of course! it is easy to memorize facts and look up things on the internet but, hiring a guide can give you so much more than that!

Local insights, traditions, history, and up-to-date factual information about any sites you visit.

You can have a richer & deeper understanding of the island because our guides will be able to tell you the history and context of any spot in Bonaire from a local perspective and answer any questions you have about them.

With one of our certified guides, you can experience Bonaire in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Make your holiday in Bonaire so much more interesting and really add more value to your trip, hiring one of our certified guides.

Combine the freedom of renting a car with the experience of a certified tour guide to bring your holiday in Bonaire to the next level!

AB Car Rental has a wide range of options for your car rental, great rates and is highly recommended for a worry free vacation.

Diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding or just cruising around the island, you’ll find the best choice of car while on Bonaire at AB Car Rental.

When you have your vehicle call us! We will advise you on the best places to visit with your rented car in Bonaire, and of course if you want, you can have a certified tour guide to accompany you!

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