10 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Bonaire

If you seek traveling beyond your local destinations pack your bags! We are giving you  a list of the top 10 reasons to plan a trip to Bonaire and the reasons why our island will be your perfect summer destination!

Bonaire Day Tour

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1.- Bonaire has been chosen over 20 years in a row as Best Shore Diving Destination.

Number 1 and number 5 of the top 10 reasons to plan a trip to Bonaire, have to do with our stunning underwater life. As the wind always comes from the East, on one side of the island the water is quite rough whereas from the other side it is always calm, and provides perfect conditions not only for shore diving but also for snorkel lovers!

2.- Bonaire has a great variety of amazing restaurants.

And some of these incredible restaurants in Bonaire have taken high honors in international Culinary competitions!

Given Bonaire’s diversity of Cultures, you can find a wide variety of cuisine all along the island. Buffet, International, French, Italian, Local, Foodtrucks etc.

You have plenty of options to try a different one everyday!

3.- Bonaire’s History and Culture is attached to a wide variety of cultures.

From the Arawak Indians coming from the coasts of Venezuela to being a protectorate of Britain and USA during the World War II.

The friendly people of Bonaire are very proud of their past, just ask them they will be happy to share all their knowledge about it.

4.- Bonaire is absolutely Safe!

Our island is known for being a relaxed and laid back island and this is absolutely true!

During your holiday you want to go at your own path and not having to worry about anything. Well this is Bonaire! Wherever you choose to go, you will find yourself absolutely safe.

5.- Our Stunning Coral Reefs! this is our number 5 of the Top 10 reasons to plan a trip to Bonaire if you are an underwater lover this might just be the strongest reason of all as Bonaire may be one of the last healthy coral reef in the Caribbean. Since 1979 when Bonaire National Marine Park was established, we have been consistent at protecting our coral reef system. Moreover, to recover the coral reefs the mission of Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire is crucial to protect and restore our coral reefs by developing new and innovative ways to restore reefs that are supported by research collaborations and shared worldwide

Bonaire Coral Reefs

6.-Bonaire’s Weather! We have one of the most pleasant climates of the Caribbean. We have very little rainfall, and the continuous wind coming from the east provides a constant gentle breeze. Very appreciated given our constant temperatures of around 30ºC (86ºF)!

7.- Bonaire’s Nature has an austere beauty kept by the people of Bonaire for many generations. Not only Bonaire’s waters are stunning, also it’s land with abundance of cacti, trees and bushes all along the island, that protect some of the threatened species of the world such as the Yellow-Shouldered Amazon parrot, the Great Caribbean Flamingo, Parakeets and Iguanas. On Bonaire you can also find wild donkeys, goats, ospreys, pelicans, frigates and an endless list of amazing flora and fauna that will make you want to come back once and again to this little piece of paradise.

8.- The Hotels of Bonaire give you endless possibilities. Whether you are looking for a 5-star hotel, an intimate boutique hotel, a private villa or an apartment Bonaire has it. Just plan what your budget and preferences are and we will look for your perfect place to stay.

9.- Small Island BIG Fun!!

You can plan lots of Activities on Bonaire! Go Mangrove Kayaking and learn about the fragile ecosystem of the Mangroves, you can join a night snorkel and feel the adrenaline of this activity, or go to Klein Bonaire and feel like Robinson Crusoe for a day!

10.- Bonaire is a perfect Family Destination. Because it is absolutely safe, and all Bonaire’s resorts and operators have special programs for children, you can even find kid’s clubs and special weeks that involve family events!