Washington Slagbaai National Park is located at the north area of the island of Bonaire.

Established in 1969 it was the first nature sanctuary of the Netherlands Antilles (From 2010 Dutch Caribbean) with over 4000 hectares of surface.

This is a safe habitat for the terrestrial species of Bonaire including parrots, flamingos and parakeets. Iguanas and lizards are often seen as well in this nature reserve.

This area is not only important for terrestrial species as the beaches found in the park are also common nesting grounds for the sea turtles that lay their eggs in Bonaire.

Visitor Center

When you arrive to Washington Slagbaai National Park you will find the visitor center, an interesting area with a nature museum and an open air space where with walking trails to see and learn about the history and culture of Bonaire.

Driving Routes

If you visit Washington Slagbaai National Park on your own you will find 2 different driving routes, the long and the short one.

The short route is to be used if you are going to climb the Brandaris, the highest point of Bonaire, we recommend you to go very early in the morning!

If you just want to visit the park, you definitely need to take the long route, so you will pass by emblematic places such as Boka Bartol, Seru Bentana and Boka Slagbaai.

In any case make sure you bring water with you, this is a full day excursion and it will be hot ;)

Washington Slagbaai National Park Entrance Fee

To enter Washington Slagbaai National Park you must pay the nature tag fee and if you want to visit the Visitor Center, you need to pay a separate entrance.

Below we explain the entrance fees for Non-Residents, but you can also check Stinapa’s website for updated information and better understanding of the Nature Tag Fee.

Washington Slagbaai National Park Opening Hours

The Washington Slagbaai National Park can be accessed every day from

08.00 – 17.00 (entry up to 14.30)

Phone +599 788 9015

Cell +599 786 5229