There is an excursion for everyone in Bonaire! Browse through our wide variety of tours offered and enjoy your vacation in Bonaire to the fullest with Bonaire Tours & Vacations.

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Island Tours in Bonaire

Exploring Bonaire’s off-road trails surrounded by towering cacti, divi-divi trees and crashing waves against the island wild East Coast.

Snorkel in Bonaire National Marine Park

Plunge into crystal clear, turquoise water and into one of the most diverse marine habitats on the planet!

Not in vane Bonaire has protected it’s waters for over 30 years!

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Kayaking in Bonaire

Quietly drifting on a kayak through our Bonairean mangroves, protected for decades, and teeming with egrets, herons, and juvenile fish.

Diving in Bonaire National Marine Park

Bonaire has been chosen the best shore diving destination for over 20 consecutive years, discover why!

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Night & Sunset Activities in Bonaire

How about a romantic dinner at the sea, watching the stunning sunsets of Bonaire? Or maybe a more adventurous way to visit our diverse underwater life?

Private Activities in Bonaire

Embark on a private adventure to remember! The Expertise and exceptional service ensures that your private excursion delivers the very best of Bonaire with all the individual touches that make the experience uniquely yours

Adventure Tours in Bonaire

Get an adrenaline kick with our selected adventure tours in Bonaire!