Sailing Clinics in Bonaire

Joining the Sailing Clinics Bonaire tour you will come aboard a 50ft Ocean Racer CrossRoads!

The only racing yacht in the Caribbean Netherlands, that offers professional Sailing Clinics.

Be ready for an adrenaline kick and the thrill to sail fast the coastal waters of Bonaire.

Once on board, you will be trained by 2 yacht Master Ocean’s with combined 150,000 NM experience. Become part of an exclusive adventure that you encounter maybe once in a lifetime. Dust off your shoes and step on board!

Feel like a professional racer while sailing the beautiful turquoise blue caribbean waters of Bonaire, no wonder why our island is the first Blue Destination.

Sail in groups of up to 8 persons in this exhilarating event, our qualified Ocean Yacht Masters, with years of experience, will coach the team!

At the Sailing Clinics Bonaire you will take the wheel, the powerful winches, trim the sails & learn the fundamentals of tacking and jibing, while the coaches provide you with basic racing skills, tactics and strategy, handling instructions and assisting where and when needed.

Like professional racers, you and your team will constantly adjust the angle and direction of sails to maximize speed and performance.

So, dust off your topsiders and join 4 hours tune-up of racing fun!!

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