Taste of Bonaire

Bonaire is not only about nature and underwater, it is also about taste!

bonairean food

Our local chefs have historically been participating on the Taste of the Caribbean a contest held yearly, to promote our island, and to make known the mix of nationalities that have composed the culture of Bonaire, and it’s influence on our cuisine. We have won 5 medals in 2014 and 7 in 2015!

Every year, Bonaire organises the Taste of Bonaire, for you visiting our island this is an opportunity to get close to the influences from around the world that have build up Bonaire, where you can taste what we call our local food, from Funchi and Repa, to Boontji Kunuku or Aros moro, all of them essential parts of the Bonairean diet & influences from africa and latin america, but also get the taste of our european influences, with fish or meat dishes, pasta & desserts.

For those of you who are not here on the Taste of Bonaire dates, don’t worry! Bonaire offers award winning cuisine restaurants with a multitude of nationalities, tastes and styles represented, in an exceptional environment.

While you are on Bonaire use our free concierge service to make reservations on any restaurant of Bonaire, here we list some suggestions:

Go Green Vegetarian Indian Food

It Rains Fishes


At Sea


La Cantina

El Mundo Restaurant

Posada Para Mira

End it with a Fait Maison Dessert! Just delicious!