Breathing underwater and discovering the treasures hidden by underwater depths of Bonaire can be two insuperable reasons to spend a magnificent vacation!! But do you also know the benefits of this sport? Here we give you 8 powerful reasons that will make you want to dive even more!

It is Ideal to Combat Stress

Under the water, we come into direct contact with the environment and isolates from distractions, to the point of listening only to the sound of our own breath. If we take this opportunity to control it, be aware of it and listen to it through the respirator diving can become an excellent activity to relax the senses and overcome anxieties and concentrate as a main source of meditation and stress relief. Bonaire is the only place where you can experience a Mindful Diving Program by PADI

It is beneficial for self-esteem

Diving is a challenge from the first immersion in open waters, changes in self-esteem occur and confidence increases. That is why diving is considered a sport with emotional benefits, to which new experiences and break with the daily routine are added. On Bonaire, you can take it to the next level and take a freediving course with Carlos Coste a 12 time Freediving World Record Holder

It is inclusive!

You do not need to be strong or a great athlete to practice diving. People with different degrees of disability can also access the underwater world through adapted diving.

Invites you to explore the environment and its wealth not modified by man

See the other half of the world is an advantage out of the ordinary, since it is pure nature and constant movement. Besides witnessing flora and fauna of incredible variety, there is no equal point to another: diving makes it possible to dive a thousand times in one place and always find something different. Bonaire with visibility averages 60-100 feet (18-30M) and water temperatures range from 78 to 86 F (26 to 30 C), is the ideal destination to dive, and you can always help renew our coral reefs while visiting the island.

It is easier and safer to perform than you think

Diving is a simple and safe sport if practiced with care. It’s enough not to be afraid of water. With the necessary precautionary measures and adequate training, the activity becomes very safe, although you must always be accompanied at first by an instructor who controls the practice and when you are already trained being accompanied by your best buddy will make you relax and enjoy to the fullest,

Improves social life and human relations

Diving is recommended to strengthen human bonds: as we said before, one of the safety rules of this activity is that it is always carried out in pairs. Therefore, it is necessary to trust the partner we choose, since it is him/her who will help us with our team and who will collaborate in case of an unexpected situation. In addition, the dives that are carried out in groups, both in practices and trips and meetings organised, like the clean up dives organised by dive-friends, generate a greater degree of companionship. Plus it helps you establish new bonds with your diving partner/s that emerge from the preparation of each immersion, focusing attention on self-care and companion.

It is an ideal therapy to overcome communication barriers

Since a language based on gestures is used and, beyond visual contact, it is very important to maintain a “dialogue” fluid under water. Before you come Bonaire learn how to use it to identify marine life, there is a lot to see!

Improves coordination and psychomotor skills and physical condition

Diving is an experience that develops the psychomotor skill and spatial orientation of each human being. This is because you need to be constantly floating and it requires maintaining body balance. Plus, being a water sport, diving is recommended to strengthen muscles because water offers a natural resistance, so the human body enters into movement and is toned in an integral way.

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