Bonaire Dinner at Sea & Sail

Bonaire Dinner at Sea and Sail is a great opportunity to see the blue waters around Bonaire on a sail boat, and snorkel at the world famous National Marine Park.

And the perfect combination for a sail on the waters of Bonaire is a gourmet BBQ.

Join us on a beautiful afternoon on the Dinner at Sea in Bonaire sunset tour, it’s a fantastic experience for the whole family, and the perfect day to witness some of the most astonishing sunsets you will ever see.

You’ll will enjoy the relaxing sailing along the coast line of Bonaire and when we arrive to our snorkel place in the National Marine Park, the crew will take you on a guided snorkeling tour.

After your snorkeling in Bonaire, the captain, and former chef Wim, will spoil you with a delicious barbecue on board.

On the way back to Kralendijk, you will see the beautiful sunset over the sea.

Relax, Sail & Enjoy your days in Bonaire

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