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With the Bonaire Flamingos & Salt Tour you will discover the 2 things Bonaire is famous for, Flamingos and Salt

Your trip begins with a leisurely drive through the capital and a picturesque village dating back to the 19th century.

Arriving at one of the best-preserved mangrove areas in the Caribbean, your guide will be on the lookout for Bonaire’s shy flamingo.

With its deep pink-coral feathers and graceful leggy walk, this bird is especially beautiful in the wild. Donkeys & goats commonly graze along the country-side, have your camera ready!

At Sorobon beach, the turquoise colored bay will amaze you as you stroll along the beach or enjoy a drink at the bar.

Capture this unforgettable moment with pictures of the fishermen’s pier dotted with fishing boats or the windsurfers pirouetting through the air.

From here, continue along the Southern coastline and the saltpans from which Bonaire has produced its salt for centuries.

While you enjoy the view, your guide will explain the process from salt water to salt crystals. This area is home to the protected flamingo sanctuary and yet another chance to spot wild flamingos!

At the Slave Huts, you will literally see & touch history.

Go inside the original huts that served as shelters for the slaves working the saltpans.

Enjoy breath-taking coastline views of pink colored saltpans, snow-white salt mounds and the aqua-blue Caribbean Sea. It’s a real live postcard!

As a thank you for taking this tour, your guide has a salt gift for you!

Please note:

Flamingos are very shy birds and tend to stay at a distance, in their natural environment.

Sightings, while very common, are not guaranteed.

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