Sea Turtles in Bonaire

Sea turtles are often seen in Bonaire, while diving or snorkeling in the turquoise waters that surround the island. Bonaire is home to 3 of the world's 6 endangered or critically endangered species of marine turtles: The hawksbill, the loggerhead and the green sea turtle. Green sea turtles can often

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Dos Pos Bonaire

When going around Bonaire, on the way to Rincon or Washington Slagbaai National Park you can pass by Dos Pos. It is located in the north of Bonaire, east of Gotomeer, and it is characterized by numerous small hills, sheltered valleys, and includes a small freshwater pond. Dos Pos has been designated by the

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Ramsar Sites of Bonaire

Bonaire is known for its care for nature, so it is no wonder that the 5 Dutch Caribbean sites on the Ramsar List are in Bonaire! Ramsar Sites are places in the world that contain wetlands that are of international importance and have been cataloged by the Ramsar Convention, as they are rare, representative

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Bonaire: Number 1 Destination

The island of Bonaire, known to be the #1 Destination for Shore Diving, is also gaining positions amongst the cruising world. This year Bonaire has also achieved position #1 in the category of top-rated Southern Caribbean Destinations by the Cruiser's Choice Destination  Awards 2016!! The awards, that have been based on member's reviews ratings for ports, from sailings

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Coral Spawning on Bonaire

If you have planned your trip to Bonaire, during the months of August, September or October, you will be lucky to be on Divers' Paradise during the months of Coral Spawning. Each year, and usually coinciding with the full moons of the above mentioned months, coral spawning, or the cultivation of the corals, is something unique

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Bonaire, Conservation and Tourism

The island of Bonaire is known for being a fearless defender of the ecology, some of the projects carried by our island have been pioneering, even years ago like for example the hotel of Captain Don’s Habitat and the projects of it’s creator as the father of the diving industry of Bonaire, and one of the

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