Bonaire Recipes – Repa Maishi Chikí

What will you need? 300 gr. of flour 150 gr. of sorghum flour 2 tbsp. of baking powder 1/2 tbsp. of ground cinnamon 2 tsp of vanilla extract 1tsp. of salt 75 gr. of sugar more or less 750ml. of milk 100 gr. of

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Bonaire Recipes – Piska Salu

What will you need? 1 kilo of salted fish (the one you love the most) 1 finely sliced onion 1 finely diced tomato 1 celery finely chopped 2 tbsp of tomato paste 3 potatoes cubed 1/2 cube of vegetable broth 1teaspoon of garam masala 1/2

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Bonaire Hotels with Best Beach – Our Top 5 List

Bonaire Hotels with Best Beach As experts in Bonaire, we have created a list of the Bonaire hotels with best beach on our island. Here is the list with top 5 hotels in Bonaire with the best beaches, to make your holiday an unforgettable experience! Bonaire is known for its diving, windsurfing and

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Ramsar Sites of Bonaire

Ramsar Sites of Bonaire Bonaire is known for its care for nature, so it is no wonder that the 5 Dutch Caribbean sites on the Ramsar List are in Bonaire! Ramsar Sites are places in the world that contain wetlands that are of international importance and have been cataloged by the Ramsar Convention,

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Coral Spawning on Bonaire

Coral Spawning Bonaire If you have planned your trip to Bonaire, during the months of August, September or October, you will be lucky to be on Divers' Paradise during the months of Coral Spawning. Each year, and usually coinciding with the full moons of the above mentioned months, coral spawning, or the cultivation of the

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The Taste of Bonaire

Taste of Bonaire Bonaire is not only about nature and underwater, it is also about taste! Our local chefs have historically been participating on the Taste of the Caribbean a contest held yearly, to promote our island, and to make known the mix of nationalities that have composed the

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Getting Married on Bonaire

Getting Married in Bonaire Did you know that having a perfect & legal Wedding in the Caribbean is not only easy but also an affordable way to say I Do?When you let "I Do" Weddings Bonaire handle the organization of your wedding, you are guaranteeing from minute 1 that your wedding day

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Bonaire, Conservation and Tourism

Bonaire Conservation & Tourism The island of Bonaire is famous for its conservation initiatives. It is known for being a fearless defender of the ecology, some of the projects carried by our island have been pioneering, even years ago like for example the hotel of Captain Don’s Habitat and the projects of

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Top 10 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Bonaire

10 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Bonaire If you seek traveling beyond your local destinations pack your bags! We are giving you  a list of the top 10 reasons to plan a trip to Bonaire and the reasons why our island will be your perfect summer destination! We strongly

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